As part of COFICAB’s long-term commitment to achieve a better and prosperous future, we continuously strive to grow a responsible business that integrates ESG into its corporate strategy.

In this regard, we strongly believe that a sustainable business can’t be achieved without committed leadership, clear direction, strategic influence, and strong and effective governance.

In the same context and as part of our governance strategy, we focus on six main Sustainable Development Goals among which SDG8,10 and 16 as part of our commitment to maintain an ethical business conduct and to uphold Human Rights principles, laws and regulations in our daily business dealings.

We also contribute to SDG 9, 12, and 17 by collaborating with external parties and through partnerships for the aim of contributing to the achievement of the UN SDGs and as part of our commitment to being a responsible partner of choice. For that purpose we continously strive to:

Reinforce our tools and policies to strengthen and spread the compliance culture across the organization as well as with our external stakeholders

Be compliant with industry 4.0 main pillars.

Adopt an ethical business conduct that reduces liability risks on the company and creates trust-based and sustainable relationships with our stakeholders.

Ensure the rollout of leading cyber security solutions in all COFICAB sites

Legal/IT Certifications/Recognition

Tisax label