Our social strategy originates from our long-established vision to be an employer of choice and a trustworthy partner to all of our stakeholders by focusing on sustainable growth, as we strongly believe that people are and should always be our first priority.

We also believe that we, as a company, strive to positively impact our collaborators' lives, as well as our local communities, whether directly or indirectly.

We are thus aware of the importance of our relationships with each party and are committed to ensuring it is maintained in the highest possible quality and that social impacts are managed properly.

As part of its social endeavors and in order to improve the lives of its stakeholders, COFICAB focuses mainly on four Sustainable Goals (SDG3, 4, 5 and 8) to which we are committed to:

Acting proactively regarding any potential physical or mental threat that might affect its stakeholders.

Guaranteeing a quality education to all its relevant stakeholders.

Promoting a culture based on gender equality through women’s empowerment.

Constantly promoting decent work practices within the company.

HR Certifications and Recognition

IATF 16949